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Lifetime Achievement Award – 2014 – Sandy and Larry Scroop

Sandy and Larry have been fostering for The Children’s Aid Society of Brant since 1976, fostering full time for 37 years. During this time the Scroop’s have fostered in a variety of different styles, ranging from long term placements to respite care. When they started to foster Larry and Sandy were just starting to grow their own family. Through the years, they raised their own children along side of the Society’s youth. It’s their dedication to children, their perseverance, kind and loving nature that has lead them to being able to foster well over 200 children. They can name each child and recall a positive memory of each. They look in terms of the happiness that the children have brought to their home and their children. Sandy and Larry work as a team, work through each challenge, finding creative solutions and standing by the youth. Not once have they asked to have a child removed. They show their compassion for families with reintegraton, supporting parents during this time, launching youth into adoption and having youth move to independent living. They continue to visit with many of the youth that have been placed with them in the past. They are family. They work collaboratively with the society, with schools, and supporting agencies in order to give the best care possible. Sandy is an avid scrap booker, and has produced with her children life books for each child that has been in her home. The Scroop’s have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by their foster children, and provide parenting in a kind and caring manner, supporting children through loses and teaching them how to cope with these loses. They like working with people, and are always willing to attend trainings and gather new knowledge to better service their community. Sandy enjoys attending the foster parent training on the wide range of topics offered. She has been a member of the PRIDE program, helping to educate future resource families. They as a couple, their children their grandchildren have all opened their hearts, supporting the youth, and welcomed all as family. In a time when our children in care are searching for answers and none are to be found. Sandy is able to listen as a mother, support as a friend, and become an advocate for the child’s wishes.