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Lifetime Achievement Award – 2008 – Jean Kruger

Jean has been fostering for over 30 years, first with the Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto and moving to Simcoe County in 1988.

Over the years Jean has fostered many children, but there are some particular accomplishments.  One of these was her dedication to a large sibling group over a fourteen year period,   ending this year.  This experience had its rewards and challenges, but Jean   persevered.  In 2006 she opened her home to a sibling group that had been separated and she continues to be committed to caring for these children long term.  Jean and her partner Gord flew the children down east last summer for a family holiday, providing them with a wonderful experience,   She continues to have an active role with their mother, and the children know that Jean respects their mother, and accepts her.

Over the years Jean has been described as being consistent, firm, quietly competent, tolerant , has a good sense of humour, patience and that she sticks with the children, even when they   are not angels.  She respects and promotes the importance of the child’s natural family, and supports these positive aspects.  Her love is unconditional and her   heart if full.  You often hear her laugh and you always feel welcome in her home.