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Foster Parent(s) of the Year Award – 2016 – Micheline Forest and Doug Meek

Micheline and Doug have been fostering for Valoris Services to Children and Adults since 1986. They foster with patience, dedication and perseverance. They have parented our children with hugs and cuddles, with tough love, lots of laughs and never-ending nconditional love. Every child that has passed through their home is always welcomed to knock on their door, no questions asked. They have always been just a phone call away, always there, guiding and loving with their hearts.They have remained in contact with the children who have left their home. Now adults, some have returned to stay a while, or even years. Our young adults refer to them as “mother” and “father” and their children refer to them as “grandmother” and “grandfather” What a beautiful gift a forever home with no expiry date….
They have been through many adventures with our children throughout their career, from wiping tears, soothing broken hearts, protecting them from harm, and guiding them through their successes. They have guided them through their secondary school studies, lending them money to purchase their first car, recovering and grieving through an abortion, celebrating the birth of a child.
They have acted as a security blanket for children who had to face their abuser in court, and they claim their rights.
They patiently taught parenting skills to a young mother so that she could regain custody of her child, always aiming for the positive rather than her challenges. For this young mother the outcome was positive and the mother regained custody of her child, and still remains in the home. Micheline and Doug are now in the process of adopting the adult mother and her sister, and are proud
to say that they will be the legal grandparents of their foster daughter’s child once the adoption is completed.
Both Micheline and Doug were up to the challenge when they accepted to celebrate the life of a terminally ill child. It was not an easy task, as their hearts broke, and carried much sadness, but as great parents they focused on concentrating on making each breath to her last on earth the sweetest and memorable. They prepared her for her journey to heaven. This family has great values a
s family and community. They have hosted many Foster Parent BBQ’s. Micheline has been secretary for the association for over 10 years, and gladly accepts to talk about their experiences to future families at the PRIDE panel.

They truly believe that every child has the potential in making any of their dreams come true.