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FPSO Conference – 2019

FPSO is looking forward to our annual education conference.

Plans are underway for the third week in September. Details will be made available in the the Conference edition of the HILITES, which will be available very soon. The conference chairperson and FPSO officers are currently confirming the workshop presenters, advocacy trainers, entertainment and speakers.

Each year our annual conference gathers together foster parents from across the province. We aim to provide high caliber training options, all levels of advocacy training, a time for relaxing, networking and appreciating time together with like minds. We look forward to seeing many of our foster parent peers, local area foster parent leadership and we welcome our CAS colleagues and private sector members and friends.

As soon as the Conference edition of the HILITES is complete it will be distributed to all members and posted here on the website, along with a printable registration form.

We look forward to hearing from you!