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Foster Parent(s) of the Year Award – 2014 – Ann Dafoe

Ann has been a foster parent for the amalgamated Highland Shores Children’s Aid since January of 1974. In her forty years of fostering, Ann has cared for over 200 children. She continues to foster three long-term teen male crown wards and is proactively pre-paring them for post-secondary school. Ann also cares for four of her former wards who are all adults that require assisted living and support. Ann is a permanency connection for many of the children she has fostered, as she has maintained contact with the children and their parents over the years.

Ann pioneered the local fos-ter parent association more than twenty years ago, and has been the president of the association for most of those years.

Ann was also a regional director for the Foster Parents Society of Ontario. As director she served on the Development and Advocacy committee and her input was al-ways welcomed.

Ann also pioneered the Advocate program at (formerly) Hastings CAS 10 years ago and was an active advocate up until a couple of years ago. She also served her foster parents in Highland Shores as a mentor and is a current PRIDE trainer, and always seems to find the time for countless committees.

She is a strong advocate for foster parents, as well as for children in care. Ann’s family is a very strong sup-port network for her and the children and adults she cares for. They are quite visible on a daily basis.

Ann is highly visible in her community, often accepting speaking engagements to promote fostering. She is a strong team player, is flexible and is always ready to take on new challenges. Ann is always been Ann is a foster parent that uses creative behaviour management techniques with tre-mendous success. She is active with the schools where her foster children attend and continues to push for academic programming that will garner success. Ann has a very engaging presence and is well respected and rarely challenges. Fostering comes naturally to her and we all admire her dedication and commitment.