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Foster Parent(s) of the Year Award – 2013 – Cathy Jackson

Cathy Jackson has been fostering for London and Middlesex for 21 years. She has and continues to provide excellent care to many children most of whom had challenging behaviours and developmental delays. She has also provided relief to countless children in her home. Cathy is a very experienced Foster Parent who continues to exceed the limit of meeting her foster children’s physical and emotional needs. She continues to provide appropriate structure, routine and discipline and is very sensitive to the needs and feelings of the children in her care. She is very child focused and offers great insight into the children’s needs. She always contributes in meetings, and liaises appropriately with agency staff.

Cathy is extremely patient, supportive, and sensitive to children with developmental disabilities and understands many of their idiosyncrasies. Last year (2012) Cathy opted to become a Share Your Home placement for one of her long term foster children who have been residing with her. Cathy continues to ensure that he receives regular medical, psychological and dental care. She has also assisted in preparing another long term foster child move out by purchasing most of the items she needed to start her apartment.

The youth also comes home regularly for dinners and special events and Cathy is still very involved with her life. Cathy is a great team member and works very diligently with staff members. Most workers have attested to the compassion she has for children in her home and how she goes above and beyond in meeting their needs. Staff members have also indicated Cathy is very responsive and a pleasure to work with and they feel lucky to have her as a Foster Parent.

Cathy is also very respected in terms of how well she works with birth families and in facilitating access. Over the years, Cathy has clearly demonstrated both an ability to provide children with a sense of permanence and belonging in her home, as well as an ability to provide children with a sense of permanence and belonging in her home, as well as an ability to prepare children for reunification with their biological families.