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Class #1 Members –  Bona Fide Foster Parent Associations/Foster Family Associations – Class One members of FPSO are the FPA/FFA’s of the public Children’s Aid Societies

Standard Dues Invoice

Class #2 Members – Private Foster Parent Members – Class Two members of FPSO are foster parents who foster for a private agency. private foster parent members may join FPSO as individuals or through their operator who may choose to register all of their foster parents as members of FPSO.

Private Foster Parent Membership Form for Individuals

Private Agency Invoice for Full Association Membership

Class #3 Members – Individual Associate members – Class Three members of FPSO are individuals or couples who are not foster parents but are interested in membership in FPSO.

Individual Associate Membership Form

Class #4 Members – Group Associate members – Class Four members of FPSO are organization or groups interested to be members of FPSO.

Group Associate Membership Form