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FPSO Membership

FPSO membership is now open to both public and private foster parents. We believe together we are stronger. As the dedicated voice of foster parents we cannot fully represent the foster parents of Ontario without our members. 

We rely on our members to share with us what life as a foster parent is like in your local area, in your local agency. We need to know how the system supports or challenges you.

We support foster parents as individuals as they share with us the challenges they face. We support foster parents provincially as we gather together the themes and trends that are revealed through the individual foster parents who connect to us directly and all of those who are connected to us through their local level foster parent leadership.

Historically we only had one stream of membership – the local CAS foster parent Associations. We value and rely on these our core members and they remain as our Class One Membership group.

Over four years ago we began work to open up membership beyond the public foster parent associations, to also include private foster parents and private foster parent agencies. We realized long ago that we were not able to represent foster parents we had no connection to.

As a member of FPSO your input to us will be integrated in our provincial work, documentation and help us to seek changes that benefit foster families and the children placed in their homes. 

As a member you will receive:

  • Reports on work of the board
  • Financial updates 
  • Newsletter
  • Inclusion in meetings as desired
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership groups and meetings as desired.
  • Both free training opportunities and membership reduced fee trainings.
  • Membership reduced conference registration fees. 
  • Contests for children and youth; with prizes
  • Opportunity to participate in foster parent of the year and lifetime achievement awards. 

For Class One and Class Two members you are additionally entitled to:

  • Fielding a Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) as per Bylaw #6 (The Regional Liaison Officers (RLO) Group, is the group of foster parent leaders entitled to be nominated for vacancies on the FPSO Provincial Board of Directors)
  • Voting delegate representation at General meetings and Annu
  • al General Meetings
  • Participation in general meetings and Annual General Meetings

In addition to representation, FPSO looks to provide resources, education and workshops dealing with issues that are faced by foster parents.
These supports are invaluable to the foster parent and the agency. Some examples include: