Our Mission

Our MissionTo become the dedicated voice of foster families across Ontario:

  • establishing bylaws
  • obtaining charitable status
  • registering a logo
  • establishing a working relationship with the ministry of community & social services as well as OACAS planning and providing relevant annual conferences

In those early years FPSO faced many challenges of a new corporation.


We currently represent over 40 local foster parent associations, divided into 28 regions, we serve over 8000 foster families, across Ontario. We are committed to supporting a positive teamwork approach between our members, the agencies they work with, the ministry of child & youth services, oacas and various foster care associations we identify and present to both local and provincial forums the foster families’ concerns as well as strengths in providing the unique services they supply. Providing quality care to over 30,000 children in Ontario foster care. We also promote the need for increased training to foster families and support the implementation of pride and onlac FPSO has worked and continues to work on such diverse issues as:

  •  standardized rates
  •  insurance for foster parents
  • legal funds
  • safe assessment tools
  • foster parent rights
  • advocacy training


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