FPSO Monthly Corporate Update February 2018

This month end report covers the month of February 2018.
Ongoing Initiatives & Projects (*Items noted with an asterisk are further noted within the
Provincial Advocacy in the areas of;
o Raising the Image of foster parents.*
o Standardizing the foster care per diem rates for foster parents and reimbursable
amounts for the children in care across the Province based on the Toronto CAST
 If you were unable to attend your zone meeting please forward your
agencies per diem rates, a copy reimbursable amounts and mileage.
Could you also send the rates for stay at home school policy. Are you
receiving the same rates as prior to 18 years of age, does amount include
allowance, or is it agency paid, do you receive experience and skill
amounts in addition to per diem amount. Also is clothing allowance
excluded from the contract and if different than your normal
reimbursement amount please indicate. Please send to
o Advocating for a child welfare system that is centered on The Best Interest of the

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FPSO Monthly Corporate Update January 2018

Hello everyone; New Year, new plans, new beginnings. As the FPSO leadership looks forward to
the 2018 year we are aware of the continuation of change that is happening in Child Welfare.
We do not know exactly what changes will be revealed or when they will come; but we do
know we will make every effort to remain connected, informed and educated as changes
happen. We are very aware of the upcoming Provincial election scheduled for June 7, 2018. The
outcome of this election is sure to bear weight on the Child Welfare System.
Whatever changes come, FPSO is committed to remain a voice for the foster parents of Ontario,
and we are counting on you our members and local leadership to help inform the board of what
is happening in your local area, and what changes you are seeing.
This month end report covers the month of January 2018.
Ongoing Initiatives

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Hilites Newletter — Winter 2016 Edition

The FPSO bursary edition of the Hilites contains the information you need to apply for post-secondary bursaries for your natural, foster or adopted children. This edition also takes a look back at the work and lobbying efforts of the FPSO Board of Directors during the 2015 year, as well as the ongoing work that will continue in 2016. All the […]

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Foster Parents Society Of Ontario  (FPSO provincial Initiative)  Foster Parent Bill of Rights  Draft 2013 Foundational Statements: For the purposes of this document “Foster Families” will be defined as by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  “foster care” means the provision of residential care to a child, by and in the home of a person who, (a) receives compensation for […]

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Survey – Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is developing a resource guide to help caregivers and staff in the child welfare system meet the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2-spirited and queer (LGBT2SQ) children and youth. The guide responds to recommendations of the Youth Leaving Care Working Group’s report, “Blueprint for Fundamental Change to Ontario’s Child Welfare System”. […]

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FPSO Conference 2014

Date: September 11 – 14, 2014 — mark on your calendars!! Location: Americana Conference and Resort Center Niagara Falls, Ontario This year’s theme: “Fostering… the Future” Conference Hilites Edition 2014 Conference Registration Form 2014 The Foster Parents Society wishes to acknowledge and thank all our loyal contributors  for all the generous donations received to make this annual event a successful one. 2014 […]

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