Foster Parents Society of Ontario Annual Board Report -September 2016

The FPSO has worked on behalf of the foster parents of Ontario for over four decades. As the
field of Child Welfare continues to change and evolve in order to ensure the vulnerable children of
Ontario are well supported, served and protected. The FPSO Board has also continued to change and
evolve in order to represent and meet the needs of the foster parents of Ontario;
while the foster parents seek to best meet the needs of the children and youth in their care.

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NEW Policy Directives for Service Agencies Regarding the Host Family Program (effective April 1, 2016)

The Host Family Program is one option within a range of MCSS-funded residential service models for adults with developmental disabilities. The setting of a Host Family placement is located in a private family home. Care, support, and supervision are provided to the individual by identified caregivers from the Host Family. The key goals of the Host Family Program are: • To provide a safe and secure place to live in a family home setting; • To promote a high quality of life; and • To support community involvement, social inclusion, individual choice, independence and rights.

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Foster Parents Society Of Ontario  (FPSO provincial Initiative)  Foster Parent Bill of Rights  Draft 2013 Foundational Statements: For the purposes of this document “Foster Families” will be defined as by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  “foster care” means the provision of residential care to a child, by and in the home of a person who, (a) receives compensation for […]

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Q & A Advice (Hamilton Spectator)

Questions and answers from my parenting column in our city newspaper. These article are copyrighted by the publisher (Hamilton Spectator). However you can still read them on-line using the links from my website: Two-Year-Old Testing Language Tests Mom Daddy Counts Too! Problematic Teen? Counselling for Parents First! Troublesome Two New family. New puppy? Overscheduled Child Peace for children of separated […]

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